Host Secretariat

1-15-1, Kitasato, Minami,
Sagamihara, Kanagawa 252-0375,

Congress Secretariat

c/o Interplan Corporation

Shoto Rokubankan 4th Floor,
1-28-4, Shoto, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 150-0046 Japan

Instruction for Participants

Holding Method

While the infection with the new coronavirus has not yet been resolved, we have decided to use a hybrid format that allows participants to choose between on-site participation and online participation according to the situation of each facility, in consideration of the safety and burden reduction of all participants.

In addition, after the session, we will deliver the sessions recorded on the day and the presentation data submitted in advance so that you can watch more programs.

Holding Period

The duration of the event is as follows.

On-site and Online October 13th(Wed.) – October 16nd(Sat.),2021
* Only business meeting will be held on Wednesday, 13th.
On-demand broadcasting October 14th (Tue.), 2021 9:00(JST) –November 30th (Tue.),17:00(JST)
* Only Poster Session viewing
Live recording broadcasting October 28th (Thu.), 2021 noon (JST) – November 30th (Tue.),17:00(JST)
* You can view a recording of the live streaming at the local event

The Holding period has been extended until Friday, December 10th, 17:00(JST).


  • Keynote Lecture
  • Plenary Lecture
  • ASHG-ESHG-JSHG Joint Symposium Global trends in genomic medicine
  • Oral English Session1 Bio infomatics
  • Oral English Session2 NGS
  • Oral English Session3 Genomic Analysis
  • Oral English Session4 Basic Science
  • Oral English Session5 Rare disease
  • Oral English Session6 Skin/Nerve/muscle
  • Oral English Session7 mitochondrial disese,etc
  • Oral English Session8 Epigenetics
  • Oral English Session9 Cancer Genetics①
  • Oral English Session10 Cancer Genetics②
  • Oral English Session11 Rerinatal Genetics
  • Oral English Session12 COVID-19,microbialgenetics

Confit Web Program

In this congress, abstracts and exhibitions can be searched and viewed online by using “Confit Web Program”.

On this program, you can search abstracts by Presenter’s name, Affiliation, Presentation length and Venue, and make your schedule.

The program will open on October 8th (Fri.),2021.


  • Recording, photography, and videotaping of lectures are strictly prohibited.
  • Recording, photographing, printing, or capturing screen shots of live streaming video, post-transmission video, presentation slides, etc. is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized use or reproduction is strictly prohibited.